In the land of Terodin

Chapter 1, Scene 1

Ser Robert Stannis of the Knights of Order

The Missing Boy

- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 1

With the yearly visit of the Basara merchant caravan To Kelson finally on its way. The townspeople were all busy in preparation and much of the Order Guard had been sent out as an escourt.

Amist all the excitement Mrs. Stalwart was out of her mind worried about her son who had not come home last night. She pleaded with Ser Robert to send some Order Guard to help with the search. He would have liked to send a few more but only two were available Maglor ‘Edge’ Tixxin and Thaddius Anvilforge. The two of them left at once to talk with the mother and find out his last known location for a place to start their search. Ser Robert Stannis

When they arrived at Mrs. Stalwart’s house a nearby neibor, Lady Gaga, was trying to calm her and asking questions similar to their own. Mrs. Stalwart’s said that he often plays in Farmer Thompson’s Fields and the nearby stream. Lady Gaga decided to join them in their search as a familiar face would help them if they found the boy. So they set off for the Thompson Farm.

Mrs. Thompson was very busy and did not provide much info other than her dislike of the boy and that she had not seen him for a week or two. So they set off for the nearby stream. Once there after a few minutes looking they found a bit of torn cloth. Then across the stream Lady Gaga noticed another bit of cloth. The party made their way across the fast running two foot deep stream with little trouble other than Thaddius slipping on a algae covered rock and thoroughly soaking himself at the chuckles of the other two. On closer inspection that piece was covered in blood and by Lady Gaga’s account it has only been that way for a few hours.

They search for tracks and find an animal trail they follow the trail into the woods Thaddius heard something moving in the flora nearby and hushed the rest to listen. The next sound they heard was the twang of bowstrings as arrows flew by them. They had walked right into an ambush. As battle ensued the woods crackled with energy and lightning seemed to strike at their foes. They found the boy in great pain stripped bare with a large mark carved into his chest. Thaddius decided that they should take the body of the leader of this group to town to see if any others could find more info about him or where they were from. So he hefted the body over his shoulder as Lady Gaga carried the boy. As they began their trek back to town and to his waiting mother a thunderhead opened up on them.

After they had crossed the stream in the rain the boy began to scream in pain as he clutched the mark on his chest. As the boy curled in pain three cracks began to break open in the ground surrounding them. Out of the ground three disgusting, purple, fat and flabby creatures climbed out. They had large claws and huge gaping maws dripping and oozing with a green tinted Sylvia. the three of them quickly dispatched each one they killed melted into a poisonous slime that quickly vaporized, Tearing at the lungs. After dispatching the foes the boy fell unconscious and the mark carved into his chest seemed to vaporize and vanish. The rest of the journey back to Mrs. Stalwart was uneventful.

Mrs. Stalwart was overjoyed to have her son back even with his injuries. Lady Gaga would not leave the child’s side after what she had seen until he was fully examined by the town Doctor. Thaddius and Edge took their leave. As they left Edge promised Lady Gaga a free round and a meal at his tavern for her help. They decided that they would meet up at the The Feywild Tavern tixxins-tavern later after they had finished their task. Edge and Thaddius stopped by the Order Guard Barracks to put the body in to a cell. ” you can’t be to careful” they thought after the strange events they had just seen. Then they went to report their findings and the return of the child to Ser Robert, The Knight of Order for Kelson that had sent them off after the boy in the first place.

Ser Robert was troubled by the news of bandits so close to home and a flash of concern crossed his face. “I need you two to gather whoever is available and ride out to the Basara caravan to warn them and bolster the Guard that we already sent.” He flicked them a Large coin, on it was Ser Robert Seal and told them that with this they could acquire any horses that they needed from the stables on the edge of town. They returned to the The Feywild Tavern for some much needed rest and a good meal. While at the tavern Edge called the attention of his patrons and announced their need for any available hands to head out with them in the morning to help bolster the defenses of the Basara caravan. He promised any willing to help a free stay at his Inn with meals included but he was met with tired looks and no support. Every family had already given one member of their family to the Order Guard during this important time of preparation and they were all already busy with official tasks, no family here could spare another and not suffer for it. Sad to see the lack of takers on his generous offer he told them that they would leave at dawn and any that are able and willing may meet them here in the morn for their journey.

- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 1

Game Stats

Game session 1 – 12/20/09 2pm

Players: Edge, Lady Gaga, Thaddius

Foes DefeatedLoot
  • Encounter 1
    • 3 human berserkers
    • 5 human archers
    • 1 cultist leader
  • Encounter 2
    • 3 Dretch
  • 3 Leather armor
  • 1 Quarterstaff
  • 2 Hand Axes
  • 1 Great Axe
  • 10g
- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 1



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