In the land of Terodin

Chapter 1, Scene 2

Balahara Basara

Meeting the Basara on the road

- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 2

At mornings first light Edge and Thaddius were busy chowing down on some of The Feywild Tavern’s famous sticky buns to prepare them for their appointed task. They where to gather whoever they could find to help and head out to aid in the protection of the Basara merchant caravan on its way into town. The Basara should be about 2 days ride out and they did not expect much after the poor showing of interest that they received the night before. As they left The Feywild Tavern they noticed one man already on horseback but other than him they would be the only ones going on this mission. So they headed off to the stables at the end of town. Once there they acquired horses without much trouble thanks to Ser Robert’s seal and headed off in the direction of the caravan.

The day passed quickly as they made their way until finally sundown was upon them. Edge and Thaddius decided that the Basara should be close now and they should push on a bit further in hopes of reaching them tonight. They rode until the sun had completely set and no light was left to guide them. They decided that they should camp by the road instead of push on into the dark if there was to be trouble they would need their rest. That night they discovered that the man that had come with them was in fact not a man at all but Lady Gaga neither Thaddius or Edge seemed to mind her company.

The next morning the 3 of them made their way again. After about half a day’s ride they became very nervous without the Basara in sight. The Basara finally came into sight at about four o’clock that evening. They noticed why they had not seen it earlier, the Basara had stopped and taken defensive positions. The three of them made their way to the nearest wagons. As soon as they were about 40 feet away they heard a shout. “Halt, Who are you and what business do you have being here, Speak quickly or be filled with arrows.” The man before them was dressed in a shimmering vest of gold and bright colors with a large scimitar hanging from his hip and a falchion over his shoulder, both even more ornate than his vest. Edge and Thaddius were not at all pleased by this greeting but they quickly answered anyway. “We have been sent to protect you on the way to Kelson and we request to speak to the one in charge.” He introduced himself as Keith Longstride second in command of the Basara. He then escorted them into the center of a large ring of wagons where they heard the clamor of battle with many onlookers. there was a display of battle prowess going on in the center of the crowd as they were lead to a woman sitting high above it watching intently. As they were passing through the crowd they all noticed that everyone of them was prepared for battle and although none of them could show their know of magic in the little town of Kelson they each felt its presence around them now.
Balahara Basara

The woman introduced herself as Balahara Basara Leader of the Basara Merchants. When they asked why they had stopped she said that battle was coming. They also noticed that there were no Order Guard to be found although many had been sent in the initial escort. Balahara told them that she had sent them all to cover the rear and when Edge tried to push the issue she told them that they were more than capable of protecting their selves. She then pointed out a very large and heavily armored wagon. “that contains a great prize that is for your King’s eyes only we must make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands. If you wish you may bolster it guard until this is all over. Atop the wagon was its driver, a beautiful blond woman wearing fine green silks and jewelry.

Not long after their meeting they heard shouts of battle and a large force of bandits attacked the front of the Basara caravan. Hundreds fell by the Basara’s hands but A few made it by to them at the wagon. Lady Gaga had climbed up into the driver seat with the woman in green silks who immediately cowered and tried to hide as soon as battle began. Lucky for her Lady Gaga created an area of deep shadows that concealed the two of them while the battle raged. As they were fighting there were 2 enemies that called forth magical powers and summoned up the dead to fight alongside them. One of which was covered in an unearthly purple flame. After a long hard fight they successfully defended the wagon and the driver from any harm. After the battle they quickly checked the corpses of the fallen to see if they could discern if they were the same bandits they had run into in the wood two days prior as well as to scavenge anything that may be of use.

- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 2

Game Stats

Game session 1 – 12/20/09 2pm

Players: Edge, Lady Gaga, Thaddius

Foes DefeatedLoot
  • Encounter 1
    • 1 Cult Berserker
    • 3 Cult fanatic
    • 1 Cult leader
    • 1 Cultist Mage
    • 1 Skeleton Warrior
    • 1 Runeflame Skeleton
  • 1 Hide Armor
  • 1 Chain mail
  • 2 shield
  • 1 longsword
  • 1 Great Axe
  • 1000g
- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 2



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