In the land of Terodin

Of Gifts and Good Graces

Of Gifts and Good Graces

- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 3
After the battle had calmed down and all of the fleeing bandits were hunted down. Balahara let out a whistle louder than the small group of three had ever heard. Almost instantly afterward a large clamor of noise rose around them as wagons were quickly packed and the caravan began moving less than 5 minutes later. They were on the move again headed to Kelson at a brisk pace. As the group hurried to their horses they noticed that nothing had been left behind other than what remained of the now barely clothed attackers stripped of anything of value.

As they reached their horses Balahara’s Second in command Keith Longstride was waiting for them. “your place is with the armored wagon now I suggest you return to it quickly unless you wish to anger Balahara ” He said to them as they approached. He handed over their reigns and when they turned back from their horses he was gone. They spent the rest of the day riding alongside the wagon and its silent driver. The woman would so much as look at them let alone speak to them.

As night fell the caravan showed no signs of slowing. Just as the last rays of sunlight disappeared behind the horizon great golden flames lept up atop every wagon and the outriders donned torches. They were not stopping this night, they traveled on and by mid morning the familiar hills surrounding the town were in view. They stopped the caravan about a two hour’s ride from town and set camp.

The Basara began their preparations for entering town donning their finest and preparing anything needed for the festivities to come. Amidst all of the commotion Keith appeared before the small group and relieved them of their guard duty. He informed them that Balahara would like to address all of the Order Guard travailing with them at once and they should follow him to her wagon. As they approached they noticed that she sat atop a large wagon covered in fine silks and jewels twice as wide as any other almost large enough to hold a feast for 20 within its walls. They also noticed the other Order Guard that had survived the attack. They had lost many and were only a third of what had originally been sent out, only about twenty remained.

Once Balahara saw Keith with the three from the armored wagon she began to address them. “You have lost many for our safety and for this we thank you. we cannot hope to replace the loss to your ranks but we shall aid all those who aided us.” As she spoke four men walked out from behind her each carrying a simple brown canvas sack. “Step forward and tell me your name and you shall be rewarded” she called to them. One by one the men steped forward and recived their gifts. Most got a sum of coin and some other got small trinkets and jewels. As Edge approached she held her hand up to stop him. “These three deserve special mention they held their own against a great foe and I am told that our lovely driver did not have to lift a finger in defence of the great treasure we carry for your king.” She wispered somthing into the ear of the man to her left and he quickly went into the wagon and returned with a diffrent sack this one was made of suple leather with gems about its top. He handed it to Balahara and she announced them each by name.

“To Maglor Tixxin I give you a suit of fine armor and a scroll that I’m sure you will find useful. To Thaddius Anvilforge I give you a bit of leather for your front and cloak for your back along with a pattern you will find no were else. To Lady Gaga I give an orb of magic and a uniform that befits her nature. Let it be known among you that these there are to be honored for their bravery and strength during the battle and we thank you all.” She then turned and disappeared into her wagon leaving the small crowed stunned and happy with their gifts.

- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 3

Game Stats

Session 2 prep

Players: Edge Lady Gaga Thaddius Atrum Nex

Foes DefeatedLoot
  • 0 Encounters
  • Edge
    • 1 Deathcut Armor +1
    • 1 Ioun’s Parchment
  • Thaddius
    • 1 Repulsion Armor +1
    • 1 Cloak of resistance +1
    • 1 Clockwork Bomb recipie with materials for 2
  • Lady Gaga
    • 1 Warmages uniform +1
    • 1 orb of farseeing
  • Atrum Nex
    • 1 Feyleaf Sandals
    • 1 Feyleaf Vambraces
- In The Land of Terodin, Chapter 1 Scene 3



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