The Kingdom of Ainsworth

The Kingdom of Ainsworth was settled over six centuries ago by a then small group of traviling nomadic humans. The kingdom has thrived over the short time it has existed the human race for all of its closed mindedness is quick to develop.

The first cities started to appear around the year 3218 and the pinicle of Ainsworth’s development Castle Ainsworth started being built in 3282 and finished construction around 3397 with the crowning of the first true dynasty of Ainsworth.

While Castle Ainsworth is named for the kingdoms ruler the surrounding cities, towns, and villages are named for historical figures from the countries past. For example the Capital City Leriton which borders the castle gates is named for the architect of the castle and royal quarter of the city. The surrounding towns and villages are named after heroes and knights that have earned high praise in the kings eyes.

The Town of Kelson is was named after a ranger turned farmer that developed a new method for growing crops that yeild two to three times as much food per harvest. While this may seem a small feat the development ended the Famine of 3647 and caused him to gain great wealth before the king.

The Racial mix of Ainsworth is almost entirely human. the few that belong to other races tend to hid their backgrounds well among its people and common villagers would never know the difference between a short man and a halfling or dwarf.

Here is a racial breakdown and the possible player races.

- History of Ainsworth, Chapter 1


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