Background of Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga was born, her birth was marked by the call of immediate execution. It was said in her village that the child born with a birthmark in the shape of the raven would be a scourge on mankind. Whether or not this is true has yet to be proven, but regardless, when Gaga was born with such a birthmark on her shoulder, the townsfolk, being the highly suspicious bunch that they were, decided to not take their chances.

The towns folk gathered at the Angelina family home preparing to do the gruesome deed, but Gaga’s mother could not bear to see her child murdered. She snuck out the back with the child tucked in a bread cloth and ran into the nearby woods planning to hide the child under the roots of a dead tree in hopes that the child would meet a better fate alone in the wild than at the hands of the crazed townsfolk. By a random chance of fate, a woman happened to be in the woods that day collecting wood for a cooking fire. She saw the child’s mother hiding the child under the roots of a tree then run off in tears. She waited until the mother was completely out of sight and declared the child as her own. When she returned to her Gypsy camp the others were shocked with her new prize but nothing more was said of it baby Gaga now had a family.

With them, she learned fortune telling skills and traveled with them providing as much as she could for their way of life. It was here she learned to be tough, stalwart and not take gruff from anyone. The gypsy’s soon became aware that she had the rare talent for magic. They instructed her to keep this special ability a secret always, for there were many who would want to hurt her, or use her for evil. Once old enough, she set out on her own, determined to find more about her life and the mysterious fate that almost ended her life.

One night at a tavern, a local identified her birthmark immediately, and instantly recalled the night the child’s birth. This man happened to be one of the leaders of the mob standing on Lady Gaga’s parents’ doorstep that morning, and upon recalling the tale he bursted out in shouts spraying ale and spittle as he stammered around the tavern damning her and her birth. Knowing about the curse he began shouting for guards and accusing her of witchcraft and heresy, the best way to be rid of an untrustworthy woman in this age. Fleeing from persecution for not only being a “Scourge” on humanity, but now being charged with heresy and witchcraft as well. Lady Gaga was driven from any town she tried to stay in and in the attempt escape persecution, the bounty on her head would grow larger as each day passed.

Driven hundreds of miles from her birthplace she finally found safe haven in the small town of Kelson where she set up a small Fortune Telling shop. Selling trinkets and good luck charms to travelers and townsfolk alike, she hoped of earning enough gold to further her quest to find more about herself, and right the injustice that has haunted her entire life.

- Heroes of Terodin, Chapter 127

Background of Lady Gaga

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