Background of Maglor Tixxin

Many ages ago a group of mages of the fey stumbled upon what they beloved to be the true potential of magic. Their spells and techniques pushed the boundary of what was possible and even imaginable in the magic world. They found a way to tap into an endless source of magic and used it to fuel their own spells and creations. This circle of mages came together and created a magical lodestone that could be used to better the lives of one of their major cities and allow for even more experimentation. However the plan backfired. The source of magic the mages were pulling from came from the astral sea.

The magic that they had tapped into came from an island city floating on the astral sea. The island city was created by the will and designs of a powerful being shaping the magic of astral sea into physical being. A land created of and from magic made material. As the mages continued to use this power it stripped the very essence from the land they had connected to. The lodestone had created a bridge in which magic could flow and it was not a one way door. The being of power got a taste of the wild unbridled magic of the Feywild and found I much to his liking. He began to send raids and a significant force through the stone in order to capture the pathway for his own and to stop the stripping of his lands. The being vowed to return the favor ten fold. War erupted in the Feywild. The fey united to fight back the astral army that continuously flooded into our realm.

Magic started to become unpredictable and uncontrollable. The gate to the astral sea was disrupting the order of magic and causing it to become wild and living. The circle of mages found they could no longer destroy the lodestone gate it had drank too much of the magic of both realms but they devised a way to seal it. Through the use of an experimental magic the mages were able to create a bond through themselves to shut the gate. This is how the Sereg Annon seal came into existence.

Those who carried the seal seemed to stand out from the rest of their people. Stronger, faster, smarter and usually magically talented. The strands if magic would occasionally behave differently around one of the sealed and could cause unexpected results. Additionally the seal seemed to draw the minions of the astral being to them like a moth to the flame. The closer one was to powerful magic the more powerful the attraction.

The seal continues its existence by being passed down through the bloodline. If anyone with the seal died it immediately passed to the closest kin. However there were two exceptions to this rule. If an astral being killed the owner the seal vanished. Additionally if anyone with the seal were to kill another the seal vanished. When one of the seals vanished a small shift was felt amongst all those who shared the seal and the inner source of power became stronger. It was theorized that the seal created a bond with their owners to the astral realm and was feeding off its strength. The fewer people with the seal the stronger the connection and their strength. They feared that the seal could be breached if the bloodline grew too small. In order to help prevent the destruction of the seal those with the seal were sent out from the wilds. They were instructed to avoid magic as it would light up an astral flare that the astral beings and others with the seal could detect. Those who wished to gain from seals being destroyed either by astral beings who wished the gate reopened or Sereg Annon who wished to become stronger by weakening the seal pool is what forced many of the Sereg Annon from their homes in the Feywild.

One day while Maglor Tixxin was out hunting in the deep forests of the Feywild a sudden rush came over him. He fell to his knees as his vision blurred and became red. When he awoke he was alone in an unfamiliar forest. He did not know where he was or how he got there but he found himself laying on his bedroll his equipment nicely placed not more than a foot away. After rising and gathering his meager hunting equipment he heard a rustle in the bushes a few feat away. The man that emerged he recognized as his uncle, battle scarred and exhausted. “so you finally return to us, you have been out for nearly a week” he said to Maglor. “Come eat and we must be moving I have kept ahead of them so far but I fear with you in that condition they are still on our trail.”

He informed Maglor of his new fate as one of the Sereg Annon Sealed and began his training immediately. His uncle had always been a member of the kings-guard and taught him well. They traveled for leagues in dense forest training daily and often while on the move. When they exited the forest his uncle told him that this is where they should part ways. Maglor was told to travel west into the human lands that his uncle had heard of. It was said that they where a developing nation with little to no knowledge of magic. That would be the best place for him until he was ready to face his enemies head on. While his uncle would travel north and mark his trail to take the heat off of Maglor.

They parted ways there and Maglor found the human lands to the east a few months later. He found a small town nestled in between the forest and a large lake and began his life in Kelson. He founded a Tavern and Married a beautiful human wife. His tavern became well known for their ale and sticky buns and is a common hangout for many of the towns people.

- Heroes of Terodin, Chapter 161

Background of Maglor Tixxin

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