Background of Thaddius Anvilforge

Character Background

Currently, Thaddius Anvilforge lives in a small hovel on the outskirts of the town of Kelson, where his grandfather and him set up a small black smithy some 17 years ago. He mostly keeps to himself, finding little comfort in the company of the locals. He usually only leaves his property in order to fill up on supplies, or a trip to the tavern, as every good dwarf needs a drink now and again. He happily tinkers away in his shop, fixing wagons and tools for local craftsmen and farmers, and keeping the local militia’s weapons in good repair. It’s a simple life, and one that despite how long he’s been living it, simply doesn’t suit him.

Though he is filled with a wanderlust inspired by the trips he took with his grandfather many years ago, Thaddius hasn’t seen fit to up and leave since his grandfather’s passing 7 years ago. Perhaps it’s just that his grandfather always led the charge, sold their house, and led him on, and now he was alone. He was unsure how, or even if he could follow in his grandfathers footsteps alone, and so he stays in Kelson, crafting away. He studies his family tomb religiously, trying to unlock the secrets of his ancestors great smithing techniques.

When not crafting arms and equipment, the middle-aged dwarf has a natural talent for alchemy and enchantment; he rarely sees any professional work in the field, and it’s taken a bit of a backseat; it’s more of a hobby then anything lately. He has a small alchemical lab in his hovel, where he brews his own ale; it’s his family’s own recipe. It’s a dark, sweet blend with just a hint of cinnamon. He spends his evenings sitting outside with his bare feet propped up, and a pipe to his lips, humming and singing old crafting songs his family used to sing, one of his only childhood memories.

Thaddius arrived with his grandfather about 17 years ago. After fleeing the mines where his ancestors toiled away on lost and secret crafting techniques, his grandfather sought to preserve their knowledge in the boy. His grandfather was certain that the crafting society he and his grandson belonged to would soon destroy themselves with their experiments and… recent methods. He took the boy, then only 15 across the known regions, teaching him basic crafting and enchanting techniques from all the known peoples of the world. Elves, Humans, even Halfling crafts were drilled into the lad’s head as he grew, and as they traveled. By the time they settled down in Kelson, Thaddius could already be classified as a master craftsman, but his grandfather merely called him a beginner, at best. They opened a blacksmithy together, so that his Grandfather could begin the real lessons.

Thaddius’ family was a part of an ancient, secret dwarven society of craftsmen and miners, obsessed with uncovering the very secrets of true creation, the tools of the gods. Thaddius’ family was one of the more respected smithing families, able to create grand weapons and tools unlike any other. When the society began bargaining with demons for power and knowledge, Thaddius’ grandfather took the boy and escaped, determined to preserve their skills and knowledge in the boy before the society destroyed itself.

- Heroes of Terodin, Chapter 73

Background of Thaddius Anvilforge

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