The Basara Merchants

Merchant Caravan

The Basara Merchants are a well known caravan of traders that travel throughout The kingdom of Ainsworth. Some have said that they even been to other kingdoms in search of strange creatures and goods with which to barter.

Everywhere they go is a festival they are a source of merriment for every village, town or city that they pass. In Kelson their arrival is usually the sign of the comming of the first harvest. The event of their coming is an important social event for the whole town and is one of the few days a year where the whole town stops worrying about their crops and shops and lets their hair down to party.

This year they are late in coming and when the party finds them they are on the road to Kelson preparing for an attack. Here they meet their leader Balahara Basara and her second in command Keith Longstride. They also learn of an armored wagon carrying something for the Kings eyes only that is driven by Silvia.

- History of Ainsworth, Chapter 19


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