The Town of Kelson

The town of Kelson is a Small town in Ainsworth. It is a quiet town, everything has its place and day to day life is the same as it has been for the past 200 years. Farmers bring their harvests into town to sell at the market or barter for goods to help them plow their fields which is the more likely result. There are a few places in town where weapons, armor and trinkets can be found for a price as well as other items such as pottery and clothing.

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The town is protected by the Knights of Order and the Order Guard that they command.

Once a year the quiet town celibrates the harvest and the arrival of the Basara Traveling Merchants on their way to Castle Ainsworth. When the Basara arrive a great festival is held and both the town and the Basara profit greatly from the affair.

- History of Ainsworth, Chapter 5


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