Order Guard

The Order Guard

The Order Guard are local Militia Men under the command of the Knights of Order charged with the protection of their town. Any fit man between the age of 14 and 50 may join their ranks. Each family is required to have at least one male member in the Order Guard per generation. This is usually the father until the second born son is old enough to enter. Often the first born son will volunteer for the honor the position brings to his name.

There is a meager wage paid for duty if any is to be had at all. Usually the pay is enough for food and a flagon of mead and not much else. The respect and honor of the townsfolk is the best wage granted by the position. That and the basic martial training that goes with the position.
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Armor and weapons are paid for by each individual family, with the exception of an over armor cloak that identifies them as an Order Guard member. The weapon and armor a family can provide them is a measure of the families status in the town. Many families trying to force themselves it to higher society will spend their entire fortune on their armor and weapons, though its never a wise choice for the lack of use it generally sees.

- History of Ainsworth, Chapter 14

Order Guard

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