Player Characters

Rules for Character Creation

Leader – J-Mac

Thaddius Anvilforge – Dwarf Artificer

The Blacksmith

Thaddius Anvilforge lives in a small hovel on the outskirts of the town of Kelson, where his grandfather and him set up a small black smithy some 17 years ago. He mostly keeps to himself, finding little comfort in the company of the locals. He usually only leaves his property in order to fill up on supplies, or a trip to the tavern, as every good dwarf needs a drink now and again. He happily tinkers away in his shop, fixing wagons and tools for local craftsmen and farmers, and keeping the local militia’s weapons in good repair. It’s a simple life, and one that despite how long he’s been living it, simply doesn’t suit him. When not crafting arms and equipment, the middle-aged dwarf has a natural talent for alchemy and enchantment; he rarely sees any professional work in the field, and it’s taken a bit of a backseat; it’s more of a hobby then anything lately. He has a small alchemical lab in his hovel, where he brews his own ale; it’s his family’s own recipe.

- Heroes of Terodin, Chapter 73

Striker – Cohen

Lady Gaga – Human Sorceress

The Fortune Teller

When Lady Gaga was born, her birth was marked by the call of immediate execution. It was said in her village that the child born with a birthmark in the shape of the raven would be a scourge on mankind. Whether or not this is true has yet to be proven, but regardless, when Gaga was born with such a birthmark on her shoulder, the townsfolk, being the highly suspicious bunch that they were, decided to not take their chances. Driven hundreds of miles from her birthplace she finally found safe haven in the small town of Kelson where she set up a small Fortune Telling shop. Selling trinkets and good luck charms to travelers and townsfolk alike, she hoped of earning enough gold to further her quest to find more about herself, and right the injustice that has haunted her entire life.

- Heroes of Terodin, Chapter 127

Defender – Heisler

Maglor ‘Edge’ Tixxin – Eladrin Swordmage

The Innkeeper

One day while Maglor Tixxin was out hunting in the deep forests of the Feywild as a sudden rush came over him. He fell to his knees as his vision blurred and became red. When he awoke he was alone in an unfamiliar forest.
He woke to find his uncle, one of the kings-guard, who informed Maglor of his new fate as one of the Sereg Annon and began training him. They traveled for leagues in dense forest training daily and often while on the move. When they exited the forest his uncle told him that this is where they should part ways. Maglor was told to travel west into the human lands that his uncle had heard of. It was said that they where a developing kingdom with little to no knowledge of magic. That would be the best place for him until he was ready to face his enemies head on. His uncle would travel north and create a trail to take the heat off of Maglor and buy him as much time as possible.
They parted ways there and Maglor found the human lands to the east a few months later. He found a small town nestled in between the forest and a large lake and began his life in Kelson. He founded a Tavern and Married a beautiful human wife. His tavern became well known for their ale and sticky buns and is a common hangout for many of the towns people.

- Heroes of Terodin, Chapter 161

Player Characters

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